Raising X

We are so fortunate to have a park about 5 blocks from us. It’s close enough to get home quickly but far enough for a decent outing.


I thought I needed to get the baby out for some sun. I also thought I needed to get out of the house for my own sanity. BUT then I started thinking about the baby getting a sunburn, run over by a car, attacked by a dog, bit by mosquitoes, or screaming bloody murder the entire time.

I had to stop myself and get a grip.

Here’s my self talk:

Ok. You need the baby. You need the car seat. You need the stroller. You need a pacifier. You need a blanket. You need your phone. You need walking shoes. Ok.. Let’s do this.


We went out. No sunburn. No bites. No screaming. Nothing bad at all. He actually fell asleep half way through and napped once we got home. Success.


I think we might go again.

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