is that garlic or gas?

draft from 2017.


last night i was ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that we had a gas leak. the husband was just about to leave for work and i went into the laundry room to take the clothes out of the dryer to fold them.

“that smell is back! you smell it?”

“yeah.. i do. man, that’s bad!”

“do you think it’s gas? i mean, it kind of smells like garlic… should we call?”

“well.. how about we call tomorrow. just leave the door open and the fan on”

“…. ok.”

the second he walked out the door i googled ‘can natural gas smell like garlic?’ apparently gas companies add the garlic smell to warn you of a leak. i called the husband and told him i was going to call our gas company THAT MINUTE. he said he’d come right home.

i have never packed a diaper bag as fast as i did last night. he called his mom and told her i’d be over with the boys.

long story short… it was garlic. the neighbors were cooking. ha!

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