would you like to see my resume?

found on Pinterest

Is there anything more annoying or time consuming than applying for a job? I suppose I’m thankful that I have all the resources that make it possible – a computer, internet access, education, time to interview, time to research companies, a car to get to and from, know how about job fairs – I’m grateful.

But still. 

I think the hard part is “selling myself.” bragging about myself. I’ve done this, I know how to do that, I’m really good at this, I started this…. I hate it. No worse anxiety than trying to remember everything and not look like a fool when in an interview.

The job that I held the longest was the one where my bosses said it was the worst interview they had ever experienced. Scoreboard! I still got the job!

I think the hardest part about applying now is finding the time to do all the necessary things in between caring for my children.

Me: fixing resume

Kids: Mommmmmmmm.. I’m thirsty!

Me: writing letter of introduction

Kids: Mommmmmyyyyy… where’s my potty seat!?

Me: back to letter of introduction

Kids: Mommmmmmm… I need a wipe!!

Me: back to fixing resume


I suppose I found time to write this blog and you know what?! THEY DIDN’T INTERRUPT ME ONCE. Grr.



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