celebrando nuestro aniversario


Before I get to our evening, I have to show you my card.. I was at work earlier in the day and wanted to fill out my anniversary card before.. well, our anniversary.


Cute! Right?


I was rushing around Target talking to my mom on the phone. She was going on and on about her surgery and I ended up grabbing this card. Oops! I was cracking up when I saw it! I guess it was the birth of our family.. so it works!

So.. we got dressed up last the other night, dropped the kids off at Grandma’s, and then proceeded to have a horrible time. Not really but let me explain… I was beyond exhausted. It was the end of the week. Work has been super stressful. And TMI.. but I started my period in the morning. So I get home and the husband says the reservation was for 730 PM. Noooooooo. I just wanted to pull on comfy pants and binge our El Barco show.


Anyway, we went to Creola: A New Orleans Bistro which is perfect because it is/was Mardi Gras. This photo is of our lovely drinks: a New Orleans Hurricane and the Abita Light. The food was super fantastic. The beignets .. to die for! (Side note: The beignets are extra special because we read The Runaway Beignet to the boys at least twice a week. The boys’ Grandma brought us the book  and some Cafe Du Monde coffee for the parents from her New Orleans trip. Yum!)  It was a lovely evening and I only had to hold my eyelids open at the very end.

Oh! Super important. I asked him about the iWatch. I’ve been wearing it for two weeks now. He said HE NEVER NOTICED IT! I asked about the charger since it’s in our charging station. He’s unplugged it and plugged it in… he said he noticed it and just thought, ‘hmm.. this is interesting’ and moved on. My goodness.

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