5th Anniversary

Wowza. My 5th anniversary is tomorrow! We’ve been together for 7 years!


The traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift is wood. The husband says that our anniversary gifts should be something that we get together. A gift for the family or the home. I said, ‘hardwood floors!?’ He said, ‘no.’ Maybe not this year but I will get them.

I always like to get a little gift for him regardless of what he says so… I asked the maker lab/technology teacher at my school if he could make me a little keychain. He went above and beyond and I totally owe him. You can see his work at the end.

Husband and I have been binge watching El Barco for a few weeks now. It’s become our special time. I get the kids to sleep, husband gets home from work, we watch an episode (sometimes two), and then we crash. It’s a terrible idea because we are forever tired but we can’t help it! We are few episodes away from finishing the series and I’ll really miss it.

So here are the keychains that I’ll be giving my husband tomorrow. Can’t wait!! Happy 5th Anniversary to us and a very Happy International Women’s Day to you!


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