Yes. I’m a hypochondriac.

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I’ve always been a bit of a hypochondriac. It’s been worse at certain points in my life. I admit that living a block away from my doctors office was one of the times that it was at an all time high. Not to mention, I had pretty darn great health insurance so anything and everything was covered. Now I have children so making doctors appointments are more of an annoyance than anything so I don’t go in as often as I’d like.

I guess I just want to write here that something is wrong. (I’m even eye rolling myself.) But seriously, something is wrong. Here’s a little background. A year ago, I got pretty sick. It was a terrible combination of flu and cold and nasal congestion and sinus infection and I even cycled through TWO periods. YES! TWO!! It was bacterial or viral … no one tested me so who knows.. but it was the one where they refuse to give you antibiotics. After a month of feeling like shit, I messaged my doctor and was like, ‘hey! give me drugs!’ So they did and tada it went away.

After that illness, I noticed that my sense of smell was slowly going away. My husband thought it was convenient that I couldn’t smell when my son pooped his diaper. But I swear, I couldn’t smell it! I’d walk into Starbucks and couldn’t smell the coffee. My husband would use the restroom before me and there wasn’t a hint he was there – super abnormal and yes, super gross. There are plenty of other examples. In addition to the smell, my taste has been different. Not my fashion taste.. I still dress like a turd but my actual taste in foods. I have plenty examples for that too.

I diagnosed myself with a brain tumor and made a doctors appointment. The doctor basically said I was silly. She did all the blood tests. Results showed nothing other than low vitamin D. I mentioned the smell, she said to try Flonase for a week. I have a tiny bit of smell back but still not like it used to be.

I know it’s my thyroid. That bitch messes with everything. I’ve also gained like 40 pounds. SOMETHING IS WRONG. 

So, I decided to blog about it because I woke up this morning feeling like I was on a boat (I have also been binging El Barco) and had to hold the wall to get to the restroom. I also had to actively tell myself to move. Like there is something within me actively blocking any movement or motivation. It could be my thyroid or could be that I’m just a lazy ass.

Anyway, now you know. Something is wrong.

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