holidays & religion?

I was raised Catholic. Well, holiday Catholic. My immediate family didn’t care for church but didn’t stop me or say anything negative when I attended youth group and church with my neighbors. I should actually thank them for being that support for me. Excuse me while I message them on Instagram. Isn’t social media amazing? 

*Insert First Communion photo.. waiting on Mom.

One of my boyfriends family was very religious (although he wasn’t) and I spent time in church with them. I actually did a book club (Purpose Driven Life) initially to score points with his mom but then ultimately, because I was curious and it really was a good book! The thought crossed my mind to read it again but as Marie Kondo says, the right time to read a book it when you first get a hold of it. The Purpose Drive Life book has served it’s purpose.

My husbands family has a mix of Christian and Jewish traditions. It works really well for us. We do a couple Hanukkah activities with his mom, celebrate Christmas with my moms side of the family, my dad and I still don’t talk so there is nothing to worry about there, and then we organize another day with his dads side. Check, check, and check!

It’s my second year working in an Episcopal school – as if I’m not confused enough! We talked about Advent in chapel and I felt the urge to do Advent calendars with my boys. Picked up two from Trader Joe’s for $0.99 each. !! If it sticks then I could see us doing something like Paper Panduh. I found this amazing blog that has short readings each day for young children and then a prayer.  We’ve done two days and the boys are loving the chocolates. Ha!


Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. I had every intention of going out and getting our first family menorah but it just didn’t happen. We will still say our prayer and then light a candle. I better hurry before the boys fall asleep. It was a long day.

So, to recap… Catholic, Christian, Episcopal (that’s Christian, right?), Jewish…

In two weeks, I’ll pull out the Elf on the Shelf.

Happy Holidays!





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