Disclaimer: I decided to write a little story. First off – I’m not a writer. These are all my own ideas and they are not related to any person or situation that I have been in nor am I intentionally copying or taking from any other story. If there is a likeness to anyone or any situation that is purely coincidence. If there is an issue or you’d like to discuss any part of this story with me – leave a comment! Feel free to message me as well. This is probably the worst time to start as I’ve had about two hours of sleep this entire week – forgive any typos! And on that note – let’s get to it! 



Santiago: “Babe. Get up.”

*Buzz* *Buzz*

Santiago: “Babe! Come on.. that’s the third one already.”

Clara: “…. *groans* … second.”

Santiago: “So you’re up? Pour me a cup too, will you?”

Clara: *slowly rolls out of bed* “Yeah.. yeah.”

I should have slept in my scrubs. I mean.. they’re practically pajamas anyway. Ugh.. I just one.more.week.

Clara: “Marco!! Get up!! We’re going to be late!!”

Marco: *pops out from around the corner* “Nope! I’m ready! I have my field trip today, remember?”

Where is my schedule? Where is that damn thing?! *looking around the kitchen, junk drawer, purse* Nothing. Shit! It’s got to be in my work bag. I’ll just check it on the drive over. …What did Marco just say? 

Clara: “OK. What did you eat?”

Marco: “Moooommmm! You didn’t even hear me!”

Clara: “Don’t start. Get your stuff together. I’m going to finish getting ready. Wait for me in the car.”

Marco: *huffs back upstairs*

Clara: “I don’t need your attitude, Marco!”

What am I forgetting? I swear these nightmares (dreams?) aren’t helping. Oh yes, his coffee. Where is he? He better not be in the shower. God damn it! He knows I have to get ready! Every.damn.morning! 

Clara: “Santiago!!! I need to brush my teeth! Everything I need is in there!!”

*muffled yelling from behind the bathroom door*

Ugh. Why does he lock the door anyway? I got to go. I’ll just chew gum. 

Clara: *yelling to no one in particular while rushing through the house* “BYE!! Let’s go!  Always late! Every morning! Just one more week!”



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