so ready for 2018


i always say it and i’m saying it again.. i’m going to blog more this year. this time i’m going to be realistic. i’m going to shoot for one entry a week. i think that is manageable. i also need to quit worrying about content, length, grammar… no one reads this darn thing anyway.. it just need to be an outlet for me.. that could possibly be seen by others. i think that’s what it is for me.. the possibility that someone else could read this and think, ‘wow. i’m feeling the same way..’

so anywho. why bother with a resolution blog? because i’m not wishing. i’m not saying these things for shits and giggles. i’m going to do it. 

i’ve already started my diet. i’m going to call it a diet – it’s just easier that way. i’ve lost 8 pounds. nothing drastic. just got a grip. quit eating fast food – sometimes twice a day – and quit letting my emotions get the best of me. quit letting my husband be a food pusher and actually followed my doctors advice – ‘stop being the family garbage disposal.’

i quit making excuses and started working out. i have an online trainer that keeps me accountable and the workouts are easy/hard enough that i can do them at home and get results. i’ve also started a monthly hike with one of my fit friends (Saturday), i signed up for my hometown 5k (March), signed up for one of the rides i used to do yearly (April) and i’m going to do it whether or not a friend joins me. note to self: better get my bike tuned up soon!

i will get out of the house more.. either by myself or with the boys. i’ve been wearing my FitBit religiously.. might as well make it do it’s job! i need to find what works for us (enclosed play areas) and.. the right time too. it can be done! IT WILL.

i am going to focus on my professional goals. i will just leave it at that for now..

i will not give in to negativity and i feel like this will be the hardest. i’m not one to believe in talking negatively about your spouse.. although now that i reflect.. i have in the past. on our second date i told him, ‘wow. you’re really negative about everything.’ i don’t intend to change him but i don’t have to change myself to be like him. perhaps he can learn to enjoy our life a little more too.

the kids can be annoying. parenting is tiring. parenting is rough. you always feel like you’re not good enough or doing a good enough job.. why throw other negative shit on to that or dwell on it? i’m not going to leave my family. i’m not going to leave my children. none of these people are going away (aww.. makes me so sad to even think about that..) so i will enjoy them.

last but not least, i’m going to continue working on my Spanish and my ukulele playing. i feel a family talent show in the works!

i hope you get all you wish and work for in this new year.


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