unsolicited review: Nuby no spill clik-it flexi-straw gripper cup

photo credit: toys r us

I am in no way being compensated for this review. Heck, no one reads this blog! Hahaha!

First things first, what the heck is with that name?! I mean… Nuby no spill clik-it flexi-straw gripper cup?! I had to switch back and forth from my WordPress app and my browser just to get all the words. I had to scroll up to my title three times just to type it again here. Why spell click “clik” and flex “flexi”? Are we trying to be cool? If I meet a parent at the park and they ask about it, I’m definitely not going to say it’s the “Nuby no spill clik-it flexi-straw gripper cup!” Or maybe I will because I’ve typed it out three times now… might as well kiss any possibility of a playdate goodbye!

Sidenote: It’s 11:15 PM and both boys are asleep. So, naturally some bird would be right outside our window chirping away. GO AWAYYYYYYYY!! 

Back to the Nuby cup. 

We’ve been a fan of the Nuby cups for awhile. We seamlessly transitioned from bottles over to Nuby straw cups. My toddler is a super picky eater and we are constantly worried that he’s not getting enough nutrition so we supplement whatever he happens to eat with toddler formula. I think the formula is more of a habit now than a supplement but I’ll save that for another blog. 

We give X his toddler formula in the Nuby cups. X calls the Nuby cups by their color – “blue cup,” “pink cup,” “purple cup”…. He’ll ask for them throughout the day but EXPECTS one when he wakes up in the morning and after he wakes up from his nap. It can be quite a scene if his formula isn’t ready and waiting. Don’t even get me started on the temperature… 

We first started with the first generation of this flexi-straw line, pictured below. 

photo credit: Wal Mart

These were such a hit with our oldest that we probably went through about 10 of them. I told my husband the other day that the sphincter really loosened up because when you went to shake the bottle to mix up the formula it not only came up the straw it also spilled out the top. If your toddler is throwing a fit, crying and rolling on the floor while your partner is trying to get a few extra minutes of sleep you don’t have time to line up the top part just so. Lining it up was definitely an annoyance with this cup. I mean, aside from the formula spraying everywhere. 

I’m getting very sleepy. Pardon me if I’m not making sense anymore. 

Even though the bottle wasn’t perfect it worked well for our kid and I’m not one to mess with a toddlers routine. The bottles were becoming more and more of a pain and the straw started looking dingy so I knew I had to replace them. On our third trip to Target, I realized this version was no longer available. **PANIC!!** I settled on this new clik version. These retail for $7.99 for two, by the way. 

It took us a minute to learn how to line up the top part but once we did it was FABULOUS. No leaks!! As advertised – no spills! So much easier to assemble! The straws are bigger and so much easier to clean. The actual click noise is satisfying and ensures we don’t over tighten the bottle. And the BEST PART is my son didn’t notice a difference and used it just like his other “blue cup.” 

TLDR; if you’re looking for a straw cup to transition to.. I absolutely recommend the Nuby no spill clik flexi straw grip cup…haha or whatever it’s called. 

P.S.  – That bird is still chirping. It’s 11:53 PM. #teamnosleep Goodnight. 

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