clean my butt

I’m laying in bed wide awake when I should be napping. Put your phone away! I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking and it’s always what my husband tells me but I can’t. It’s landscaping day at our complex and the guys spend about two hours making every possible noise. We have a small patch of grass and a few random trees but I guess they have to justify the 90k they are paid a year. It’s really the only service we get for our $300/month HOA fee. Anyway, I should be napping with the baby because I’ve probably had a total of 5 hours of sleep the last two nights.

We are currently potty training X. He is forever naked around the house and his favorite phrase is “clean my butt.” He is still a little scared to do number 2 on the potty. He has us wipe him twice before he’ll attempt to go. Yesterday, he told me a couple times to clean his butt. I was busy with the baby so I just said, “get mommy the wipes and I’ll clean your butt.” I didn’t look over or anything and assumed he’d be bringing the wipes over. Next thing I know I hear giggling and X saying, “clean my buuuutttttttt.” So I look and he’s wiping his butt with the curtains. Yep, the curtains. So, I’d say potty training is going pretty darn well!

Think the landscaping guys are done. I’m going to try to sneak in a few minutes of shut eye. Adios!


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