spoke too soon

I enrolled X in toddler gymnastics – don’t worry they aren’t flipping off balance beams or anything – and as expected, he doesn’t listen for shit. I wear my gym clothes because half the time I’m running after him, picking him up or helping him do a flip or move. The class is before his nap and it really tires him out so I don’t mind it as much. 

Well, it doesn’t happen often but X really embarrassed me during one of the classes. No one ever complains but this time I could feel the glares. I didn’t leave early. I paid for the class! And even though he wasn’t doing a thing that was right.. X was having a great time. 

I talked to my husband and we decided he just wasn’t ready for that type of class – we are running out of options at this point. 

Fast-forward a few weeks. We run into a mom and her daughter from gymnastics class at the park. She asked where we’ve been and I was honest. I said I was embarrassed. She is really sweet and says all the right things so we decide to give it another try. 

We went back and it was amazing! He was following directions, he was patient and even helped the teacher clean up after class.  That was last week…

We went back today and he wasn’t the worst kid in class – yay! – but definitely back to old habits. The teacher announced that she was going to evaluate them to approve them for the next class. She watched us two seconds and moved to the other kids. Hahaha my poor baby! 

We have a few more sessions to go! I have faith!

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