gymnastics.. kind of

i am so thankful for our local park and rec. they have a variety of classes for the kids and they always ALWAYS have patience with us. i took x to his 4th class – Busy Bees –  today.

holy hell. 

if you know x, you know that he has endless amounts of energy. ENDLESS. and if you know me.. you know i’ve been lazy as shit lately. so the class didn’t start until 1145 and we had plenty of time to take x out. did we? no. we watched Dumb and Dumber  (so many things i can quote.. i LOVE that movie). anywho, x was jumping on the couch and screeching right before it was time to go. i like to say, ‘we’re going to _____ class. are you excited?’ and his answer usually clues me as to how the class is going to go.

we’re going to gymnastics class today. are you excited?!


we’re running late to class so i carry x in. we take off our shoes and the second i set him down he’s running at full speed. it’s a gymnastics class and he’s never taken one before or been on any of that type of equipment. do you think that stops him? NO. he doesn’t know what to do with himself. he’s climbing up to the big balance beam, he’s tumbling off mats, he’s jumping up trying to grab the uneven bars. IT’S A NIGHTMARE. i’ll spare the rest of the details but for half the class x was doing his own thing.

i love these classes but the sit down/stretch time is unbearable even for me. 20 minutes of stretching? what are we going to be doing?

so like other classes… i did a combo of chase, run after and hold until he cries so loud no one can stand it… i didn’t get mad at him. he didn’t hurt anyone and he had fun once we actually started doing the activities.

has your child embarrassed you? or behaved in a way that wasn’t exactly to group expectations? i was embarrassed for a second but talked to the teacher and she said don’t worry. i guess the only thing that bothered me was glares from other moms. as the husband says, ‘sorry to bother you at home!’ on to next week!


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