Picture this…

Ok. Think of someone you’ve been intimate with (years ago)… now try to picture details of their body.
I tried this and I just couldn’t. Thank goodness because I don’t like to regret things but we’ve all been young and dumb.
Anyway… about a year and a half ago I accidentally walked in on someone in the bathroom.
She had her shirt pulled up. She had her pants and undergarments down to her ankles. I’m not sure what the hell
was going on. But what I do know is that I got an eye full.
Can I picture that? You bet.
It’s like burned into my brain.
The worst part? I see her just about everyday at work.
We are friendly. We nod or say hello. Maybe she totally forgot it. Maybe she didn’t. But I know I can’t. :/
Just thought I’d share.

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