I was watching Ellen today. She had a girl on there that lost her 3 year old son not too long ago. You can read up on her situation at I went to her site and started reading a few posts. All I could think of was something happening and me losing Xavier. I closed the site immediately.


Me without him? I simply can’t imagine it. I swear it’s like the day he was born my heart came out with him. My heart is literally outside my body. It’s completely vulnerable. Open for all to see. … I just can’t explain it.

Xavier is such a gift. Such a precious gift that I want to love and cherish every second. I could scream right now how much I love him – but he’s sleeping. 🙂

We like to think we have control of things. We don’t. Don’t waste your valuable and irreplaceable time worrying about things that COULD happen. Anything could happen. Rather be in the moment. Enjoy what’s in front of you.

And now to cuddle up with my baby.


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