Every experience is brand new now that there is a baby. Things that I’ve done or encountered before are relived.

The husband has been sick. We don’t want the baby to get sick so he’s been totally hands off. I’ve been like a single mother these past three days. My hats off to you ladies that do it alone.. that shit is hard.

I couldn’t help but be annoyed with my husband. If I was sick I couldnt just say.. hey, you deal with him.. you breast feed him, you change him.. ugh. The baby changes everything and now when one of us is sick we have to focus on how this might impact the baby or our daily routine.

Anyway. .I told him that I was annoyed and he got mad. 🙂 Oh marriage.

Now on to some pictures!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Some pretty fall colors on our walk today.


My new ‘happy MOMMY’ mug from Happy Mommy Box. Love it! Oh and my Boppy. Hella cute. 😉


My best friend and I (I don’t know if she minds me calling her that but I consider her a best friend).. anyway we took a floral arrangement class at The Botanist.  She made the beauty on the left and I made the eh.. mess on the right. 🙂 It was so fun and I think we may have started a new obsession.


I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the finished product but I made little thanksgiving postcards for my friends and family. I used watercolor and painted the bottom of Xaviers feet. It started tickling him and he flipped out. He started screaming and crying at the end. Poor little guy… I totally forced the last 5-6 footprints. They better appreciate it!! 🙂

On that note… goodnight and safe travels for anyone driving on Thanksgiving day!

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