Xavier is starting to bite, or gum, his bottom lip. He’s drooling like crazy so it just makes him have even more spit on his chin.

He still hates tummy time but is a little more tolerant of it. Check my Instagram @stepbybabystep to see his darling tummy time picture. For some reason my shitty site isn’t working with my Instagram. I really need a laptop. Sigh. Actually I’ll just add the picture here.

He’s about three and a half months and he’s just about grown out of size 2 diapers! We think it’s messier when he’s sitting up and poos. I mean.. It goes up his whole back and gets all over his business in the front. Diaper changes are quickly turning into baths! I don’t think we need a picture of that. šŸ™‚

We went for a walk this morning. I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures. It’s getting chilly around here so I put a beanie on him and bundled him up! He usually hates things on his head but did great today.

My mother-in-law forced me to go out for a bit yesterday. I was a little grumpy about it at first but it was actually nice to “take care” of myself for a bit. I went to the mall and spent a little too much. I’m tired of wearing my maternity pants (I’m calling them my eternity pants now). So I went and bought some big clothes. šŸ˜¦ Oh well.. It is what it is.

The mall was looking pretty empty for it being so close to the holidays.

Xavier is starting to pay attention when we read to him.


I don’t think the husband had a good set up but I appreciate the effort. šŸ˜‰

That’s all to report for now. Goodnight!

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