By the time all was said and done I gained aboutttttt 50 pounds with my pregnancy.

Here I am looking all cute…


*Thank you to my Bestie for this beautiful picture.

Lets get real. I was already overweight when I got pregnant. It was painfully obvious once I had the baby just how much I had gained. Ok.. I’m going to put it all out there… embarrass myself… but if this is what it takes to get my ass in gear. Then this is what it takes!!




deep breath….

Its not all bad news.. to date I’ve lost about 35 pounds.


There I am on November 4th. We went to vote … and blind the poor baby! I think I’ve found some motivation to l try to lose the rest.

So, I decided to start the 6 Weeks to Fab today. Want to do it with me?


Sorry for the poor picture but the baby is sleeping on my lap. So this is a six week at home crossfit inspired workout.

It shows 12 minutes there but don’t be fooled!! I was huffing and puffing!

For the strength section I used Xavier as my weight. He was giggling. So cute!
The WOD part… well I just tried not to pass out. I reallllllly hope I can stick with it.

Please tell me you’re doing this too!

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