Free Time

I don’t really have much alone time and I actually like it that way. The few times I leave the house are usually to go to the gym, the grocery store or the post office. I mixed that shit up today. I went to an appointment.

There is this place called Tragon Research that pays you to taste test various food items. You sign up, they email you a survey and if you’re what they’re looking for you set up an appointment and test shit out.


It’s even in a nice building that’s only about 10 minutes away from me.

I signed an agreement that I wouldn’t talk about what I tasted.


Here is the little goodies they give you to cleanse your palette though.

What I liked about this place is … you go in, taste stuff and then you walk out and collect a check with your name on it.

Not the case this time. Boo!


I HATE prepaid cards. It’s always a hassle. Had I known this is what I was going to get I wouldn’t have done it. Anyway … it’s just some extra money while I’m off. Any of you do this kind of thing?

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