Every October my husband and his father compete in a father and son golf tournament. I think it’s the cutest thing ever and they’ve already talked about Xavier getting involved.


Side note: This is the tournament and sadly my husband and my father in law lost in the semi finals. But do you see the results above for that other golf tournament?! Those four guys made the cut, didn’t even finish and took $12,000?!?!?! Wow.

Anyway.. I’ve never been on a golf course (driving range count?) But I thought it would be sweet to support them. I wasn’t too sure about taking a two month old but my husband was so excited I decided to go ahead.

All I know about golf is that you have to be very quiet at certain times and that most of the time you’re out there pretty early. I was definitely right about the early part because my husband said we had to be out of the house by 7. Ugh.

I don’t know about you guys but when I get a time to leave I pray that the baby will have nursed immediately before that time. I also pray I packed the diaper bag with every possible item I could possibly need.

** I would have pictures from the golf course but this is when I was working with a flip phone because I dropped and broke my regular phone. Ugh.

Anyway.. I fed the baby. We left. I waited in the car while my husband warmed up and fed the baby again. I met them on the course for their tee time and hiked around the golf course after them.. gee man that was tough! My father in law carried the diaper bag. It was so sweet. My husband held the baby when he noticed I was huffing and puffing. Back to that quiet thing.. Xavier started crying a bit and I swear my husband almost smothered him! Its not that serious geez!! So I followed them until about the 4th hole and then I took off to hang with my friend for a bit.

Xavier loves to have major poops around my friend. He had two blow outs. He then took a great nap then I headed back to the course to pick my husband up and head home.

It was a success. Yay!

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