Good lord.

Xavier has yet to nap since this morning. SINCE THIS MORNING PEOPLE!!


My husband left to work around 330. The second he walked out the door Xavier decided to lose his shit. The crying and fussiness began.

Side note: Everyone in this show has a flip phone. What’s up with that?

I tried not to panic. I bounced him on the exercise ball. I fed him. I changed him. I bathed him. I sat with him. I rocked him. I laid down with him. I put him under his playmat. I sang to him. I rubbed his back. I patted his butt. I patted his back. I fed him. I changed him. I talked to him.

I DID EVERY FUCKING THING I COULD THINK OF!!!!! And he wouldn’t stop crying. He’s not like this often. He’s really a great baby. I just can’t imagine him being like this all the time. I’d lose my damn mind.

It’s now 11:30 and my husband finally got him to sleep. He brought him upstairs and the second he set him in his bassinet he immediately woke up and started crying.

WTF kid. You haven’t slept all day!!!!

He’s crying now. I better get him…

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