Tale as Old as Time (I hope)

Get up Christina. Get. Up.  You need to change him. When was the last time you changed him? Before we went to sleep? Oh my God.. what time is it now? Where’s my phone?  No. No. Don’t check. He needs to be changed regardless. …. …. Shit!  I fell asleep. Where is he? Oh. Ok. He’s right here. Oh my God. Is he breathing?! Yes. Ok. Ok. Good. He’s fine. Ok. I’m going to get up now. (Husband is snoring) Glad one of us is getting rest. I should wake him up. Nah. I’ll let him sleep. Ok. I’m really getting up now. … … (repeat).

I hope I’m not the only one. Or I’m a really bad parent.

For the record, I do eventually get up…. around 8 AM. HA! I’m kidding.

I went back to sleep. It was 4:30 AM.
Have a great day everyone.

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