Baby Shots

We went to Xaviers two month check up on Monday. The two month check up means immunizations. We are all for them. I dont care to get into a debate about it. Its what we decided for our family. And it’s right. 😉

before he knew what hit him

What’s not right is having to watch your baby in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

I could die

I think I kept myself busy taking pictures so that I couldn’t process the fact that my baby was in pain. Thank goodness my husband held him down. I could never do that. Well I guess if I had to I’d suck it up…

love seeing him with his daddy

I held him as we walked out of the doctors office. I held my baby so close. I wanted to take the pain away. Just can’t think about it. I’m a wimp when it comes to this stuff.

We came home and he went to sleep for awhile.


I think he tired himself out with all the crying. He had a major fussy period but baby Tylenol worked wonders.

What didn’t cross my mind was that his thighs would be sore – you know, where they gave him the shots. I was holding him like normal and he wouldn’t stop crying. We do our usual online search when we’re curious and someone mentioned it. I felt like such a dummy. I changed positions and it made a notable difference.

I’m really glad that he didn’t get a fever. I was really worried about that. I was asking the nurse what the temperature was in order to give the Tylenol and all she was obsessed with was telling me the dosage. How am I going to know WHEN to give it lady?! I guess those details don’t really matter (100.3 or higher by the way).

So that was Monday. Mark that off of our check list. And guess what… we get to do it all over again in two months!

4 thoughts on “Baby Shots

  1. I cried the first time! I think it was just the shock of seeing bub suddenly jerk and cry his eyes out;( And having to hold him down while it happened. Funnily enough, he calmed down quicker than me!


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