The City

Not only do I work in San Francisco, some of my best friends live there. I haven’t been in that area since I had the baby. As you know.. I haven’t had the baby in the car other than my long drive to visit my mom.


Last week I decided to head to my friends in SF for dinner. I was a little nervous since I was going to be driving during commute time (about 45 minutes away) while it was RAINING. Also.. it didn’t help that my husband backed out of the garage in the morning and broke my side view mirror off. I could have poked his eyes out. He obviously wasn’t using them anyway!! I digress…

Other than dinner, I was going to take my bike so their bike doctor could fix it for our ride in November. Well, I figured out right before I was about to leave my bike wouldnt fit in my car with the car seat. !!! ANGER !!!

Nothing was going to stop us from going!!

I was so nervous that my whole body was shaking as I gathered everything.

Christina. You already drove with the baby for two hours. This is nothing! You’ll be just fine.

So off I went. Now, I dont know if I’m paying attention to my road rage now or if worse now that I have the baby. Everyone drives like a fucking idiot. I was screaming the whole way. I had to constantly remind myself that I had the baby in the car.

Top three offenses:
1. A guy cut me off last minute and was completely unapologetic about it. How do I know that? He cut me off and then proceeded to go about 60 mph in the fast lane.

2. A town car in the fast lane going 55 mph. I come up on him – not too fast but at a comfortable speed for him to move aside – and he break checked me!! Totally unnecessary!!!

3. Just about stopping on a super busy road to take a picture of a MUNI train… right in front of me!!! I honked like I never honked before.

I think it’s just upsetting that my safety, as well as the babies, is in the hands of these stupid assholes. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!!!!

Ok. So I made it to my friends. Parallel parked. Had dinner. Fed and changed the baby without incident and made it back home safely! The picture above is my Captain Adorable yelling at my friend.

Next SF trip is to watch daddy in his golf tournament.

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