Grandpa.. How are you?

I wanted to write a post about my grandpa. I like having pictures in my posts but sadly I haven’t seen him in years so I don’t have any. I even went to Google to search for one. How sad is that? Then I remembered I had one of my cousins on my Facebook page. Long story short…

I ended up finding some pictures and comments from my dad’s side that were so rude, disgusting and disrespectful. I don’t even care to repeat what they said.

Oh man. I was so mad. So angry. FURIOUS. But so proud of myself for not crying.

I never should have gone down that rabbit hole.

I didn’t want to deprive Xavier from having a grandfather (my dad) regardless of my feelings toward him but I absolutely will not try anymore. Any effort will have to come from his end. If history is any indicator I’m sad that my dad will miss out.

Do any of you have this sort of situation? What are your feelings about it?

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