The Outback

So if you’ve had a baby you know the last thing you do is dress up. Or leave the house. Or go out to eat dinner at a regular people restaurant.

my thoughts exactly

We did all three yesterday. Talk about ANXIETY!!

We planned to have some friends over. They had a baby girl two weeks after we had Xavier. The moms were going to walk the park while the dads talked sports. We didn’t walk but spent time breastfeeding together.

We initially talked about getting take out for dinner since neither of us had been out since we had our babies… but then my husband excitedly said we should go to a loud restaurant. After much debate we decided on The Outback.

Oh my God. What if he won’t stop crying? What if we get tons of dirty looks? What do I do with the stroller? Do I even need to bring the stroller in? If I don’t bring the stroller where do I put his car seat? What if he gets hungry? Will I have to breastfeed in public? How will I change him in the bathroom?

My mind was racing. We fed the babies right before we left and did a 10 point check of diaper bags and what not.

Xavier getting a lecture from dad
husband being silly

We were pretty early for the dinner rush. So the restaurant was empty. I tried to be sly and ask the host if he wanted me to put the stroller somewhere and he said, ‘oh you can do that or keep it here,’ Grr.

I’m not one to brag but I have a great baby. He doesn’t really cry unless he needs something. And even then he doesn’t make a huge deal. For the most part, we can figure out what he needs pretty quickly. Now.. I expected him to be asleep and silent the entire time. I JUST fed his ass! NOPE. He had other plans.

The moment we sat down he was crying. The pacifier worked for a bit but as the restaurant began to fill he got louder. THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE. I thought I better go change his diaper. So I whisk him away.

We were the only ones in the bathroom and thank god for that because Xavier decided to cry as if I was murdering him. It was the loudest shrill ever. It damn near sent me into a panic. After a couple deep breaths, I changed his diaper like I have a hundred times before. It’s nothing new – don’t stress.


So I changed his diaper and tried to settle him down. I walked to the waiting area of the restaurant. ‘Can I help you?’ One of the hostess asked me that. Really? I said, ‘no bitch unless you can get his ass to shut up!’…. well, that’s what I wanted to say… but I just said ‘no.’ I think I was just frustrated. 🙂

The husband comes and got the baby and we headed back to our table.


He held him for a bit when someone needed the table next to us. Then they insisted on taking my stroller away. Eventually, I ended up holding the baby the entire dinner. He finally stopped crying I wouldn’t dare move him. Our friends baby just cried a few minutes but was an angel compared to our brat.

Everyone around us was very sweet. Asked lots of questions. So I felt ok about that. We finished dinner and came back to our place for dessert.


And the night came to an end with some play time! I’m sure I added 50 grey hairs or something. Oh well. The blooming onion was worth it!!


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