Road Trip

My sister was in a wedding this past weekend and I had RSVPd as her +1 months ago. I was talking a big game at the time but once I realized the wedding was coming up I was trying to think of excuses to get out of it.

sister, friend & me

You see. The wedding was going to be an all day event. Church started at 1. Drinks at 3. Dinner at 5. Dancing at 7. Ending around 11.

Do I take the baby with me? Who will watch him? Will I be able to pump enough milk? When and where will I pump at the wedding? Should I just leave the baby with my husband?

I figured early in the week I didn’t want to be away from him so he was coming with me. My mom called and said she was free. Things were starting to work out perfectly.

Now… my mom is about 2 hours away. Although I’ve been in the car with my son… my husband is always driving. Since he’s so little his car seat has to face back. I hate that. I hate not being able to see him.

What if he stops breathing? What if his face gets stuck and he suffocates??

I hate my mind sometimes.

So I installed one of those baby mirrors. Too bad it doesn’t stay for shit. I had my sister help me secure it with some safety pins. Now just praying those don’t pop off and stab the baby.


So the morning comes. I’m all packed. I feed the baby and I am ready to take off. Oh no… nervous belly. So I tell my husband I’m going to run to the restroom. Plop! My fucking cell phone fell into the toilet. Can you believe my luck?! I fished my phone out and the screen went black.

I run downstairs and proceed to throw a fit. I grab a bag of rice, take the phone apart and throw it in there. You know that shit doesn’t work but what else was I going to do? I dig out all my old phones but of course the SIM card is totally different.

My husband helps me calm down and reassures me everything will be ok. I head out and the mirror falls within minutes. I pulled over and fixed it. The drive was too perfect. Xavier slept the entire way. The mirror almost made it with him but it fell the last 15 minutes of the drive. That’s ok!

I went to the wedding. I pumped in a private room. Another girl was actually pumping too! I almost made it to the dance part (8ish) but my mom called for me to come home. Xavier didn’t sleep the entire time he was with her and was now super fussy.

I got home. Fed him. And we both fell right to sleep from exhaustion. Me from stressing – I texted my mom the entire time checking in on him – and him from missing me of course!

The drive home was just as successful. The mirror fell again but that’s ok. Oh! My phone actually started working again too!

I might be pushing it a little here but I’m planning to go back and visit family!

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