Pushy People

I know. I know. My whole life shouldn’t be about my baby. I know I need to get out and take some time for myself. You know what I also know?  I don’t like people fucking telling me what to do over and over again.

waiting for my lunch

I’ll take the time when I need it. I’m a big girl. I know when I can’t handle something. I know everyone is just looking out for me but geez. So I made sure to share the baby the other day and took some time away from the house.

that yummy lunch


I also found my way to Babies R Us. I don’t think there is anything such as “me time” anymore. Sure I get out and I leave the baby with someone but Xavier is forever a part of who I am. Plus I got shit to do. The husband would dress the baby in a paper bag if he had his way.

at Motherhood

How are you doing with your baby weight?  I gained 50 pounds with Xavier and have only lost 30 so far. I had to get some XL nursing tops. I also learned that I’ve gone up two bra sizes. Wahhhhh!

See! It’s better to stay home!

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