The Fountain


One of the ways to work through anxiety is by using exposure therapy. You basically expose yourself to the things that make you anxious in increasing order. In others words, start with something that makes you a little anxious and then move on to more difficult things for you.

For example, the fountain in my complex and requires me to simply walk outside with the baby. Not so bad.. if I start to worry I just turn around and go back inside. The park on the other hand is much further and takes much more preparation. Other people could be around. I could be caught in a situation where I’m not prepared.

Sometimes I get ahead of myself and jump to something that really makes me anxious… like going to the park with the baby. If I give myself two seconds to think about the park .. chances are I won’t go.

sound of the fountain put him to sleep

It really makes me sad. The baby loves getting out. It stops him from crying and I’m sure experiencing new scenery is great for his development.

I WILL take the baby out tomorrow.

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