Bath Time

My husband works in the evening so I have a lot of time with my little guy. I’ve been trying to get him into a routine. You know the… give him a bath, feed him and then put him down for a long sleep. Well with my husband at work that means I’d have to give the bath by myself. Yikes!

after a bath

What’s the big deal? I just get nervous because he doesn’t have control of his head/neck yet and once he gets wet he’s a slippery little sucker.

What if I hurt him? What if I drop him!? What if he drowns?!

Like always.. I stopped those thoughts and just planned it all out. I made sure I had all things set up before hand. I made sure to pay close attention to everything I was doing and not rush things.

And guess what?! It was a success. I can totally do it.


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